Another Tory Burch reva question

  1. I just got mine in the mail today. I love them, they're so cute, but they really hurt my bunions. I'm going to take them to the shoe repair guy and have them stretched out to the max. But right now, they are VERY uncomfortable. For all of you who wear these, do you have perfect bunion-free narrow feet? I'm so jealous, I sooo want to wear these!
  2. I definitely know what you mean! When I first tried on the Revas, I felt like they were too tight around my bunions. But they are so cute, I decided to try them on again and they don't seem as tight as I remember. I wonder if the pair I bought was somewhat stretched out or something. But anyhow, they've gotten more comfortable as I wear them more. And they don't leave red marks on my bunions like other cheaper flats! I'm sure that taking them to your shoe repair guy to stretch will be a big help!

    I'm also so jealous of people with straight narrow feet! :push:
  3. I just ordered a pair and I am waiting for them to arrive. I tried on some at Saks and felt that they would be good for wide feet. I have really wide feet and have heard so many complaints about the comfort of these flats! Hmmmm.....
  4. They definitely stretch out and become more comfortable with continuous wear! I have a bunch of these flats, and by the third/fourth wear they definitely feel a lot better! :smile:
  5. I have these shoes and I don't have particularly narrow feet. The first three or four times that I wore these shoes, my feet hurt, I had red marks along the top of my feet, and my feet felt a bit sore. After breaking them in, I must say that they're my most comfortable shoes. You're gonna love them once you break them in. I've been wearing mine almost every day lately. They're worth every penny. Trust me.

    One more should consider going back to the store and trying on a half size larger before you have the shoes stretched. Quite a few people on this forum had to go up a half size for various reasons (the Tory Burch emblem was crushing the top of their feet, the shoe felt too narrow, etc).
  6. Thanks everyone. I got 8.5. I was at the store and the SA told me that 8.5 is going to be too big for me when they stretch out but I said there's noway I could squeeze my foot into the 8! I'm going to pick them up today and see how much they stretched them.
  7. I have super wide feet and small bunions and I also felt like my Revas are a little tight. I have white and tangerine. The white ones seem to have differently treated leather so they are a little looser already. I'm waiting for black ones in the mail.

    If you have wide feet like me, I'd recommend buying a shoe stretcher in wood. Then you don't have to keep going to the shoemaker and paying to get your shoes stretched. I got mine on eBay for about $20.
  8. I have these in gold (which I love btw). I have relatively narrow feet, so I don't have any problems in the toe area, however I have noticed that recently I have encountered problems with the back "squichy" part. If I wear these to work, I notice that I find that the shoes start to hurt my heel, and when I take them off, it leaves a deep indentation in my heel. Still, since I am used to wearing heels, they really comfortable relatively, so I find myself wearing them almost daily. It is really difficult to find cute flats that are stylish, so I just have to get pedicures every week to keep my heels summer-ready. Oh the horror!
  9. i have narrow feet and no bunions, but also found them to be uncomfortable the first few wears, they will get better on the 3rd or 4th wear.
  10. Did they run True to size for everyone?
  11. ^For me they run true to size.
  12. I have the same problem with the back part too. I usually have to take them off during the work day as they really start to hurt the back of my heels. Does anyone know what I can do to alleivate the pain?
  13. I was the one who originally posted about my new TB Reva's KILLLING my feet! I bought them in gold and wore them out once, and even though I've tried to wear them a few times in the house, they still hurt. They pinch at the sides just underneath my big toe and the medallion digs into the top of that joint. I don't think I have bunions, but that is where they hurt. I bought gel pads and footie things at Target, but I haven't been able to find the right thin, cushy pad for that spot. Damn. These were such expensive shoes and I think they are so hot, I would even buy the silver as well, if I thought I could wear them.

    I usually wear an 8.5 or a 9, and I got them in a 9. I can't imagine needing a 9.5, but maybe I'm being stupid.

    My gold ones have been sitting for the past few days with some wooden shoe inserts (what do you call those things?) in them. Maybe they've stretched?:?:
  14. Dr. Scholls makes a padding thing that you can cut up whatever size or shape you want and stick it on the shoe. You could put that underneath the inside of the shoe where it hits your sore spot. The shoe guy stretched mine soooo much, to the point where they feel too big length wise, but still the bunion hurts after a while. I need bunion surgery. :yes:
  15. The first day I wore these, they killed my bunion! But I must say by the 3rd day of wearing them, they got quite comfortable. I am now on my 3rd pair!