Another TOBACCO Kooba bag....

  1. Most of you know that I bought a Kooba Maria handbag in tobacco the other week on eBay. It's a prototype, as Kooba never released the Maria in tobacco. I'm still waiting for it to appear here in Saudi Arabia (which doesn't surprise me since everything takes a long time). However, have you girls seen the Ginger the same seller is now selling in tobacco? It's really droolworthy and makes me wish my Maria would hurry up. Her photos really do help sell her bags!
  2. Thanks for the link Mini. That bag is definitely yummy. Her photos are great. Maybe your tobacco Maria could use a color-coordinated companion?
  3. are such an enabler!!!!!! Don't you know that Minimouse has about, make that 300 Koobas coming her way within the next few months? :wlae:
  4. LOL! Lucky girl! What's one more? :graucho:
  5. Ha, ha, you girls love to exaggerate. I wish I had 200 or 300 Koobas, I'd pass a few around to you all.

    Hmmmm..... and there's me thinking I was getting an exclusive, one and only example of a tobacco Kooba out there, maybe I do need to buy this Ginger to keep up my uniqueness amongst the crowds :graucho:

    The poor seller of the Maria (and this gorgeous Ginger) sent me a message the other day, she was mortified. She had been speaking to her mother (who actually mailed the Maria to me via USPS Global Express), but the USPS teller told her it would take 3-4 weeks to get here. I find that hard to believe, but since it's the first time trying them, we'll have to wait and see. It must be coming by camel... enshallah!

    Looking at the tracking it left Kennedy AMC at 10.39pm on June 27..... but no update since then. It could be anywhere. Welcome to the Middle East black hole. I'll let you know which year it arrives!
  6. That is a gorgeous bag and I never cared for the Ginger. You must get it Mini. The leather is divine. Ask the seller to quote you a BIN.
  7. I'll see how high the auction goes (in the hope I receive my Maria first and see what that's like). Anyway, I suspect the seller will want the auction to run its course, especially after getting $480.50 for her Marcelle, which was a good result. I'm still unconvinced the Ginger is right for me, plus I need to set a little aside for that elusive Kooba Jessie in khaki.
  8. Koobas are like Oreos. How can you have just one...or 30? :p
  9. Hi girls, I Just received my Kooba Mackenzie clutch in Khaki and I love it!! It is actually a lot bigger then I thought from the pictures-but if you get the Jessie in khaki you will love it!
  10. the leather on that black sienna she has up for sale looks divine! real or fake?
  11. I never knew Kooba released the Ginger in tobacco? It is very similar to chestnut?