Another thread on: What blue did I get?

  1. I just got the blue courier off Bluefly tonight :wlae:

    Can't wait to get it, but in the meantime, any guesses as to what color this is? Bluefly just says "Blue"

  2. a lot of people think it might be marine, but i think it looks like ink, maybe even bluberry... either way, it's gorgeous and such a good deal!! congrats!

    when you get it, please let us know what it is!
  3. Marine!
  4. Congrats!! So glad you got it!!
  5. Congrats!! Whatever colour it is, it's beautiful!
  6. I think this is either blueberry or marine not the INK color that i see as i have an INK work....congrats for ur new bbag! Enjoy!
  7. I think it's AquaMarine :yes:
  8. I'm betting it's Marine :yes:
  9. Well heck, then I think it's Vert D'eau. ;) p.s. I know you probably meant Marine but I just had to give you a hard time...sorry... :p
  10. Congratulation on you bag.. such a great deal. I guess it's Marine. Either Marine, Blueberry, Ink.. it's a nice color with good deal :yes::yes:
  11. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to get it! I will post pics when it arrives....

    I wish they would ship it already!!!!