Another thread got me thinking: do you match your bag to your outfit?

  1. I wear my bags for about two or three weeks straight and then I want a change, so I switch my bags out. I never give it another thought to what I am wearing that day, for everyday. If I am dressed up, I switch my bag for that event. But, I am pretty casual on most days. I work in a very causal job (high heels are a no no here). I have three kids so I wear what is comfy and enables me to chase my kids too! Most of the time, it is jeans....sometimes something more sporty. Sometimes, I dress the jeans up some. But overall, casual. I love all my bags, and just want to wear them and love them. So here's the question: do you always match your outfit to your bag? Are there certain bags that are dressy/casual???

    I have a Baggy GM, a mono speedy 30, a mono stephen and a embossed polly. And I wear them anytime I want!!!:yahoo:
  2. I match my bags with my outfit and change them often. IMO I think it would be a waste if I didn't rotate my bags regularly.
  3. I usually carry a bag for several weeks at a time, unless it's a special occasion. I don't know if it's laziness or what, but I don't really change that often. I think lv usually matches any outfit anyway, so unless I just need a bigger or smaller bag for the day, I usually wear one until I'm sick of it!
  4. For me, it's the other way around, ie the bag matches to my outfit, it complements my outfit, or I wear what I want, and then choose the bag to go with my clothes. I do NOT choose the bag first and decide what to wear after. If you're confused then forget everything I said lol, cuz in the end my attire and bag MATCH! lol
    The only time it doesn't match is on school days when I only carry my BH, there's like 5 diff patterns on me lol and I look quite tacky lol. However, on non-school days, I usually have a white puffy winter jacket, dark blue jeans, and brown boots.
  5. Same here.
  6. Yes, I attempt to match my bag to my outfit.
  7. No. I just normally try to switch my bags once per week unless it's a dressy event.

  8. LOL I totally get what you mean and I do the same thing!:wlae: :roflmfao:
  9. I kind of match, yes or at least my outfit and bag don't clash.
  10. Ditto:yes:
  11. Not an everyday outfit...but I do use one of my "evening" or dressier bags (sounds like there is alot huh? ;) ....only two) for going out fancy.
  12. I rotate my bags regularly but i pretty much wear the same thing everyday "school uniform!!!" yuck!!! i try not to use fancier bags so my outfit and bag can match. Fancier bags (like the MCs or LEs) are saved for weekends!!
  13. Not really.. I do rotate, but I'm too lazy to match !
  14. I think if you're carrying a mono, damier or epi bag, you can pretty much wear whatever you want because these bags are what I call 'neutral'. I don't own multicolor, but if you do then you should definitely let the bag do all the talking. You can't wear loud print/patterned clothing and a m/c speedy....just too much going on, you have to wear plain monotone clothing to look right with a multicolor. JMHO!! :smile:
  15. Ditto, luckily most of my clothes are non patterned..
    White, black, brown, red , beige and blue colors are dominant in my closet
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