**ANOTHER thread about dog food...

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  1. So I came across this website:


    The owner/operator, who is a canine dietitian expert, does individual consultations starting at $20. I am going to do the $45 dollar one, b/c she recommends what supplements that your dog should take as well.

    I can't wait to see what food she recommends!:nuts:
  2. Keep us posted!
  3. LOL so in my quest to find the 'perfect dog food', I just subscribed to Whole Dog Journal, that does a great dog food review!
  4. My co-worker was talking about Whole Dog Journal the other day. They gave her dog's food, Taste of the Wild, a pretty good review. Have you decided on a food for your dog yet?
  5. So I met last night with a dog food expert at this fancy-schmancy dog food store in my area...we decided that feeding my Chis 75% Eagle Pack Small/Mini Breed Holistic and 25% Nature's Variety Raw Organic Chicken Patties will be the best way to go.

    I am going to slowly integrate the small amount of raw food into their diet with their current kibble, then gradually switch kibbles as well.