Another thread about choices....need opinions!!!

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  1. Hi girls, I really wanted some opinions from jewellery and bag lovers such as yourselves!!!

    Just to set the scene, I have never owned a high end watch or bag....I know, cry cry!!!!!

    My main rock is 1.3 carats and the setting needs redoing to really update the look.

    Now, my delemere is to upgrade the diamond to 3 carats or to actually spend less and get a high end watch and bag and get my existing ring reset.

    I am torn between wanting to own a huge rock, and wanting to have fun with lots of things Ive never had.

    I am worried about an expensive bag because I tend to wreck my bags like crazy after a season, and Im ruff on my watches too.

    Also, Im stuck in the mentality that as diamond prices just keep going up, Im better off doing this even for latter????

    But having said that, a stylish bag and watch are pretty hard to beat.

    So girls, which should I buy in your opinions, I am so unsure that I am buying nothing. Ps. the cost of the diamond is alot for me so I would love to know if it is the bees knees!!!!
    TIA Sharon
  2. go for the can slowly save for a bag if you want. i'd never turn down a chance for a 3ct ring. :nogood:
  3. I'm going through the same thing. I'm on bag ban this year. Next year, I'd like a 3 ct stone (current center stone is 1.25) but I also want more everyday jewelry. It's a difficult decision on how to spend our hard earned money! I see it like this: money should be earned, respected, saved and spent! Buy whatever you'll get the most pleasure from.
    For me, I'd want a larger stone instead of a smaller stone/less quality and more bags & a nice watch.

    Keep us posted!
  4. personally, i think a 1 ct ring is plenty big. in Canada average seems to b .5-1ct.

    that said, ask urself what would make u happier: a bag and watch or a new ring? maybe go shopping and look at things irl. i used to toss my bags around too, b4 discovering vuitton and coach. u really baby those puppies!
  5. go for the 3ct one.
    I have 1 stone 5.35 H color, vvvs1, GIA certified. Go figure...however I still want more even this one is coverly my finger
  6. What brand of bag and watch to you plan on getting if you choose to just reset your current diamond?

    Knowing that info will help me form a better opinion :smile:
  7. I'd do diamonds over bags.
  8. Girls, I really love all of you!!!!!!

    Sometimes you just want to get things off your chest, even if they are superficial greedy selfish things like deciding between jewellery or bags etc!!!! LOL

    And, sometimes you are at a point where your tastes and standards get so high (in theory?) that you find yourself never being happy.

    And thats where I am at the moment. Its like my list of wants keeps getting bigger and bigger, and the list doesnt go down even when I cross things off because it is continually growing!!!! And not just with jewellery!!!!!

    So, Im going to have to think about it abit more. I do want the big stone, but I dont know if it will hit the spot enough. Also, even though the 3 carat is expensive, it is not a great quality or color, because I dont have over $50 g to spend!!!! It is eye clean, reasonably sparkly, and color I.....whereas I would like arctic white and full light show going on!!!!! See how greedy I am!!!!! Too much education here!!!!!

    I also think that when you carry yourself well and you feel healthy and fit perhaps dont need any outside things to make you happy. So, while I decide, I am going to look around and try to work on other avenues to feel great! eg sometimes I see woman who look fabulous and they have no diamond rings at all, but have a lot going on with their attractiveness!!!

    Thanks girls, I would love to hear more advice, or opinions too!
  9. Would you be able to keep your current stone? I am assuming this is an ering that you are talking that being said, as much as I would love the 3 ct diamond, I am a sentimental fool and would not be able to part with the stone my hubby proposed with.
  10. I think I may have to vote bag+watch. Diamonds are not very important to me and I spend most of my limited funds on other accessories. My engagement ring is from the 30's with 5 champagne diamonds = less than 1ct. I love it because we picked it out together and the setting is very unique. I think a quality watch is very important and I often notice people's watches before I notice their rings. Also, having a well-made handbag that you love to carry is a great feeling. I was a coach girl for a long time and I recently bought a Bottega Veneta. It's amazing how quick you go from tossing a bag around to keeping it safe in a sleeper. I am notorious for ruining bags, but I've had this one for a few months now and I have really watched my bad habits. Anyway. I love jewelry, too, but since you already have a ring (with the bonus of getting to update it, which will give you that "new" feeling), I would go with the things you don't. I have noticed (especially since tPF) it's never quite enough, but I certainly do appreciate things a lot more.
  11. i would probably go with a quality watch and more bags now. Since you mention you would want a sparkly diamond, I would suggest hold off the I grade. Plus your current engagement ring is pretty big already-you can always upgrade that in your next big anniversary.
  12. If I were you, try shopping around the diamond you have now just to see what someone would give you for it. Get ready to get a heart attack at what you can sell your stone for as opposed what you paid for it .Diamonds should not be considered an investment. Trust me, I know. Watches on the other hand, go up in value if its a good watch.
  13. Well, as much as I would love to sell my existing stone, there is not a strong market to be worth selling it. For some reason I have no sentamental attachment to my ering! Maybe its an age thing!!!!!
  14. I know, its very depressing!!!!! I always thought my ring was a decent size and quality etc.....but upon trying to sell it, I have been told that anything below 1.5 carats is not highly sought after!:crybaby:

    I belive that there is a world wide trend towards people wanting bigger stones, thus making them more expensive and harder to get. Well thats what my contacts have been saying anyway!!!!!
  15. Girls, thank you all for your thoughts and opinions. I am going to persue the new watch and bag avenue as Ive never owned a good one, and I should before Im 40!!!! Now if the dh were to come home with a huge rock, I wouldnt be giving it back.......but short of a miracle.....I will be sticking with the watch/bag options. And definately not letting the new bag sit on the floor of public toilets etc!!! There must be a whole new way of living when you have an expensive bag.....I think I will need to take a designer bag 101 course!