Another thing tPF has gotten me into....

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    So.....I have just realized that thanks to this forum I am now following everything Victoria Beckham and have come to the conclusion that OMG...I love her! Growing up I loved the Spice Girls and even through all my hating i've done on this forum I never admitted that Posh Spice was my favorite. Until now. And with this whole Spice Girls reunion I cant sit here and lie. hahaha...

    So I just wanted to get that off my chest.:yes:
  2. hehehehehehe......I like her too lol! Even back then when the Spice Girls were all the rage, she was my favorite one (even though I did go through a Ginger phase lmao)
  3. I like Posh too. Never really paid her any mind until TPF and pink is the new blog
  4. Haha, I love Victoria Beckham! I just pretend I don't sometimes, so people don't make fun of me.
  5. I feel ya! I was a big Spice fan when i was younger. I had all of their barbie dolls and all of their VHS tapes....even had those BIG shoes from Bakers. lol.

    The whole VB thing also grew onto me. :biggrin: