another tano help post :) snake and bake

  1. looks HUGE!!! But I love the way the bag looks.... I never considered it after I saw the pic on the mannequin because I thought it was so big. Hopefully Alex will see this post soon and let you know!
  2. Although I am a fan of most Tanos, I am not really liking this one as I am not a fan of snakeprint. The style is cute though, albeit a bit too large for my tastes. If you love it than def go for it :smile:
  3. This bag comes in one size only. (Note- if it came in 2 sizes, they would have different names and style #s.) It IS a big bag, but the model makes it look bigger than it it is IRL. (Must be the angle or the focus of the camera.) It's also a soft, slouchy, unconstructed bag, so it will pooch down the middle and look different when you wear it. (Not as big!) The dimensions listed second website in your post seem totally wacked out. Im sure the ones on my website are correct, but if you email me at work tomorrow I can double check them for you.
  4. thanks! what is your website?
  5. ^^^ It's Alex is fab, I've ordered from there a couple of times and the cs is impeccable.
  6. ^^^Thanks for your kind words, kings_20! The name of my site is singular, though ( if you type it plural ( you will get an altogether different website.