Another Tale From My Coach Saga(s)

  1. Okay, so I did it. I'll admit it. I returned white ali. :wtf: To all of the ali lovers and supporters, I express my deepest sympathy and beg for your forgiveness. :crybaby:I truly do love the ali more than ever, but since I have the brown and the way she was, I just knew it didn't make sense for me to keep her. Anyway, went to both outlets, nothing new :tdown: then off to Dillard's and Macy's for the coach sales.. they had a few things on sale, nothing that interested me or wasn't already at the outlets. Then we headed to the coach boutique... returned the medium carly (Squeaky sucker!!) lol and the white ali (sniff sniff) then got talked into trying on the large carly from SA, I have always said the large carlys are huge which they are quite large.. anyway, long story short, I bought a large carly in khaki/ebony! :yahoo:I think I love her! I always thought I would never get the large, but then I didn't like the medium on me, how the slouch was almost the whole bag and kind of looked sloppy, and I am tall 5'10" so everyone said I could do the large.. I sure hope they are right! :okay: I also loved the khaki/ebony colors but not in the carly, but I put it on and in the large I think it's great! I love it because I don't wear black often and don't have a black bag (Gasp!) lol but this I think will be perfect to match it all. They were out of them and I had to go to the Caesar's Forum to pick it up, but she got home safe!! Enjoy the eye candy and let me know (honestly!) what you think. Thanks gilrs! Sorry this is soo long!!
  2. Love your large Carly!! At 5'10 you can definitely pull it off! I'm only 5'3 and I wear mine everyday!! Enjoy your new bag :tup:
  3. I'm 5'5" and have the large black signature Carly and I LOVE it! I honestly think it's one of my all time favorite Coach bags ever and I've had/have quite a few of them. I love the slouch, especially on the large bag and the hardware isn't overwhelming on the larger bag either.

    Your bag looks GREAT on you, definitely not too big!

    5"10" my dreams I'm 5'10"! :smile:
  4. Thank you both!! :tup:
    I am really excited to stock her up and wear her out!
  5. Love your Carly! It looks great on you!
  6. That bag looks AWESOME on you and now you have "one of each" Ali AND a Carly...the best of BOTH world's!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS and ENJOY Carly!!!!!
  7. I think it is beautiful! The colors will allow it to match everything, and it looks perfect on you - not too big at all. Congratulations!
  8. I absolutely love it!!! And the size is perfect! I am 5'10 also :yes:

    I think you look fab with it- it is a stunning bag
  9. Thanks so much!! :tup:
    Here are a couple more pics!
  10. I love that Carly on you - looks fabulous!!!! I have Carly in black leather and adore it. One of my favorite all time Coach styles.
  11. It's a beauty! I have a Legacy shoulder in that color combo and I think it is one of the most gorgeous!

    You look great and congrats on the bag!
  12. It looks great on you - congrats!
  13. oh so pretty! she looks great on you
  14. I have that same exact bag and love it! It looks so good on you!! Congrats!!!
  15. I'm so glad the SA talked you into trying to large! It's the perfect size for you. It really looks perfect! And I like the khaki/ebony color combo too. I have the large in black signature and I love it.

    It's such an awesome bag, I really think you'll enjoy owning it. You don't have to be super careful with it because it's signature, and it's size is just perfect. You can put a lot in it but it will still keep it's slouch.