Another Tag decision!!

  1. Hi everyone, the other Tag post got me really interested in getting one too. I will be using it mainly for work, and cost is of course an issue too so no diamond markers (except for the last choice, which features a diamond bezel, albeit I color). Any suggestions will be helpful, thanks in anticipation! I went down to the shops 3 times to check out the models and these are the lovely finalists!

    1. Link, pink Mother of Pearl Dial. Quartz. (No diamonds version, unlike the pic)
    Around $1500
    For : Beautiful and elegant double S strap! V distinctive for Tag. Stylish and chic design.
    Against: Quartz; face a bit small (27mm)

    2. Monaco, ladies, white
    Around $2000
    For : Automatic watch! Beautiful MOP dial. More credible series. DH can wear it too since it is large.
    Against: Is it suitable for every day wear to the office? Too loud for work? Too big (37mm)? Pricey.

    3. Aquaracer, Midsize, White
    Around $1100
    For: Simple design allows beautiful MOP dial to shine. Value for money (the cheapest!). 32mm is a good size
    Against: Design too generic, too safe, too plain?

    4. Formula 1, pink MOP dial, metal strap
    Around $1900
    For: Beautiful bezel adorned with 100+ diamonds (total carat 0.75)
    Against: Expensive for quartz, too bling for work?
    heuerf1.jpg heueraqua.jpg heuerlink.jpg heuermonaco.jpg
  2. i have the Aquaracer. I love it! Mine's a bit different but I think it is a great watch.
  3. As much as I love the pink faces, I would go with #3, the aquaracer. I think it would be great for work.
  4. That's what I'm thinking as well.
  5. I love #3! 4 is great as well.
  6. 3 or 4
  7. Personally, I have never like the link design. I would go for the Aquaracer.

  8. I have a men's Aquaracer and I love it. Very sturdy. I like the style of the Monaco, but I don't care for leather bands. They don't last as long as steel. My second choice would be the Link. The Forumula 1 diamonds is pretty, but might be too flashy as an everyday work watch.
  9. The Aquaracer or the Monaco. The only downside to the Monaco is the leather band.. mine have broken easily (though they weren't Tags heh).
  10. I think I ever see the exactly watch as the 1st photo and at approx 1,600 $ only. It's from at least 40% discount price.
  11. I love #3!
  12. 3
  13. I have the Aquaracer with diamond markers (not on the bezel). Mine has the sapphire face. I really love it. Mine was approx. $2200.
  14. I have the pink AquaRacer with diamond markers on the bezel, and I really really:heart: love it--it dresses up or down.