Another Tabac Twiggy!

  1. Just wanted to share! Just received my 2nd Bbag from Diabro. :yahoo:I absolutely love the color. I couldn't figure out from the pictures if I would like the shade of brown, and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. I was worried it would be too reddish, but IMO it's the perfect shade of brown. I took a few pictures in different degrees of outside light and I think the first one is the closest to the actual color, though it photographs more red than it really is.

    Introducing my new tabac (sienna) twiggy!

  2. Simply gorgeous, I LOVE the color and the twiggy is my fav -- congrats!!!!!
  3. It's a stunner! Congrats!
  4. ^^ yay, congrats girl, we're twinsies :yahoo:

    p.s. doesn't diabro have the best b-bags?!?! :heart:
  5. Congrats!!! The leather and color are gorgeous!!!
  6. it's beautiful! congrats!!! :heart:
  7. This is so gorgeous!!! :nuts: Congrats!!! :flowers:
  8. Joyce! SHE IS GORGEOUS!! Absolutely Positively Freaking @$$ Gorgeous!! :smile: I hope the retail therapy is helping my dear!!
  9. WAOU!!! j'aime! Love it ! I mean the colour ! That's true, the photo on diabro is really darker than the bag is ... I love ittttttt :biggrin:
  10. congratulations! beautiful!!
  11. :drool: Beautiful gorgeous and yummy all in one bag!!
    Congrats to you!!!:yahoo:
  12. congrats! I love sienna!
  13. Wow, now I want a twiggy! :nuts:
  14. I love it! Congratulations on a beautiful twiggy!
  15. :nuts::nuts::nuts:[​IMG]
    THE LEATHER!!! I just can't get over the leather!!! Sienna is gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
    I'm 5'9" - can I wear one of these twiggys? I know they're shorter, but they are wider too aren't they? ACK I WANT ONE!!!