Another Sunglasses thread!

  1. So are big sunglasses still in? (okay not that I really care, but I do like to look a bit "with it.") LOL I have the Kendalls (see avatar) but I am really digging the Mimis which are even bigger.


    The Eva's are really cool too, the edge frames have a very subtle etched signature print in them.


    My current sunglasses other than the Kendalls are similiar to the Mimis in size, from Paul Frank.
  2. Right now I am eyeing the Mimis in black and the Coach Vail sunglasses. And yes, I would say big sunglasses are still in.
  3. The "evas" you referred to are actually called sofia! They're sooo cute imo
  4. Whoops!

    I liked em both, but will need to try them on again when I am wearing my contacts. I have to get too close to the mirror to see them when I am not wearing my contacts. LOL.

  5. LOVING the Vails...hope they actually make it to the store soon!
  6. I have Samanthas on their way to me! I've never owned a nice pair of sunglasses before so I'm excited!
  7. The Sophias are gorgeous!! Has anyone seen them in the "light tortoise" color that they have online?
  8. I saw the light tortoise IRL Friday. I liked it, but jsut so you know it almost had a greenish undertone.
  9. My hubby says I look like a bug with my new Patricia's on (Factory store - $63!!)

  10. I have the Patricia's in tortoise because my outlet got 3 pairs before I stopped working there and I snapped one up! They're the perfect shape for my face and I love them. I want the black!! Wah, my outlet didn't have them. *sniffle* I'm going to cry now.

    I bought the Kendall's in black with the last of my discount, but now that I really look at them, I don't think they quite fit my face. I'd much rather have the Patricia's. You can't still buy them from Coach can you?

    Oh and I saw the Mimi's when I bought the Kendall's, and I tried them on but they are HUGE and were way too big for my face, unfortunately. I love the little creed on the sides.
  11. LOL! No you don't! But you and I have a similarly shaped face, so I know what that concern is - when I got my pair (Suzies?), I kept asking my husband over and over if I looked like a bug!
  12. suzies...with the butterfly on the side?

    i bought those off the brown...i totally think they look odd on me too! hehehe