another subforum perhaps?

  1. hi to mods,

    Would it be worthwhile to add a subforum, possibly under "the playground", for Lifestyle, which could include things like travelling, home decor etc? just a thought.....
  2. could also include career talk, art/museums, music talk, maybe a sticky related to brides/wedding talk.
  3. A travel forum would be great... i would participate in that!!:wlae:
  4. personally, and no offense, but I think there are already getting to be too many subforums. there's no reason you can't talk about travel and home decor in general discussion, and there aren't so many threads and so much activity in there that I think we need to separate out more stuff.

    just my 2 cents.
  5. If we have all these different subforums what would general discussion be for?
  6. The only one I see in there that is sort of its own thing is travel..and perhaps could have its own sticky or just have some main travel ones that become popular within the general section (favorite vacations spots, questions about flights, best hotels, your experiences in/with X). I think the current playground is fine, and like the new "up to the minute" section. The only sub that I feel weird about is the authenticate this one. Most of the threads end up being closed or moved. Those who want to help (in say Versace) have to make it a point to check regularly. I don't know..seems like so much hassle (waste of time for mods and messy closed threads, not to mention confused newbies)! Cant think of anything better though..
  7. What about a forum under "The playground" for houses/housing/living

    In the past couple of weeks I've had to buy a new hot water heater for our house, today some siding came off because the wind is so bad, and I have questions about landscaping...sometimes even wanting to post stuff about decorating and other house stuff....

    anyone else interested in this as a forum subtopic?
  8. Decorating is another passion of mine (besides bags), so I could definitely go for a decorating/remodeling subforum.
  9. I`d love a travel forum too :yes:
  10. Travel does sound good!
  11. I vote for a travel forum. Many people on this forum travel to beautiful places and it's nice to see pics of where they been.
  12. I like travel, too.

    Either that or one for Literature, Art and Music.