another stroller question

  1. So i live in a place where i need to drive everywhere i go. the bugaboo cameleon isn't working well for my 2 month old since it's hard to get it in and out of the trunk for me. what will be an ideal second stroller for going to the mall or a quick stop in the grocery store? i need something for traveling and also easy to meneuver around too.

    thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. try the Silver Cross POP stroller. I LOVE silver cross strollers. They are soooo easy to meneuver, and very comfortable for babies! :yes::yes:
  3. My neighbors are having the exact same problem with their Chameleon. Great for an urban area where you walk everywhere, not so great for in and out of the car. With this in mind and having tried a bunch of strollers, I figure I'm going to get two from the beginning. My plan is to get an Orbit and an Inglesina Zippy. I assume you don't want to get another $900 stroller, so I'll leave the Orbit out of the discussion.

    For a light, runaround stroller, I really liked the Inglesina Zippy. I thought I wanted a Maclaren Techno XT for the runaround, but I liked the Inglesina better when I tried them out. It reclines fully, but you can also get a bassinet option if you want. It folds and unfolds really easily, and was very light, yet felt sturdy. I've heard they're very balanced and not as prone to tipping with weight on the handles as many. And there are some cute color schemes.
  4. i watched a video on the orbit stroller and that thing folds really fast and looks quite light weight. do you think it's a waste of money to get a orbit since i have a bugaboo cameleon?
  5. I would have one or the other, not both and this is coming from someone who at some points had 3-5 strollers in use. They are just SOOOO similar on so many levels and quite honestly, A much better stroller, imo for what you get.

    You can sell your cameleon and not lose to much on it too, especially now before the holidays!

    I wish that stroller would have come out when my little one was smaller. I LOVED my xplory, but I couldn't use it for travel. For that I got a micralite which was a dream, but no recline really and a lousy canopy (great handling though).
  6. I find Silver Cross is not very good for bigger babies though, but most people don't have giant children like I did. LOL
  7. Are you looking for an umbrella stroller? Maclaren makes great compact strollers.
  8. maclaren. awesome and light. easy to fold.
  9. I have the Chameleon for long strolls and the Maclaren quest for easy folding quick trips.
  10. thanks ladies~ i would go check out the maclaren then!
  11. another vote for maclaren!!