Another striptease for another H treat for me!

  1. This just goes to show that it really isn't just the Birkin or Kelly that excites me about Hermes. This'll be a quick striptease cuz it's late (darn my work's so hard to check in when it's buzzing around here), and I can't wait to show you guys. Here's my latest treat:
    shoes 001.jpg
  2. :popcorn:Can't wait to see!
  3. Dear Ms. Pr1:

    I was just going to take a quick peek and then it the sack but saw this thread and hope it won't be like the 50+ pages as Ms. Jag's

    Tick tick tick.....
  4. 2 more pics:
    shoes 002.jpg shoes 003.jpg
  5. I promised a short striptease, and I meant it:

    1 more pic
    shoes 004.jpg
  6. Oh, what the heck? I'm gonna bare it all!
    shoes 007.jpg
  7. oh...luv strip tease. don't know how to do it, but secretly watching everytime it's on tpf.:popcorn:

    Go princess Go Go Go.
  8. Gorgeous pair!

    What colour is this? and modeling pics please!
  9. I love those shoes! Congrats!!!

    My most recent H rushes are also the "smaller items" such as the belts (especially croc belts!!) cadenas, wallets, scarves, etc.
  10. Dear Ms. Pr1:

    I LOVE IT!!! The criss cross strap and the color!!!

    How high; 2" or 3"+?!

    It's ONLY July so I am sure it was NOT on-sale, what's the 'damage= $'?!

    Do you know about the sale next month?! I've heard they will have RTW and shoes TOO!!!

    Are you going?!
  11. Beautiful. I love open toe shoes. What will you wear with your new shoes Princess?Could you model them for us?
  12. Ooooooh lovely. Now let's see them on some feet :graucho:
  13. Nice! This is from the SS2007 collection, isn't it? I think it comes in suede and swift. Not entirely sure.

    I remember seeing it on a mannequin at my store. Very pretty.

  14. Gorgeous - I love them!
  15. Thanks, everyone!

    The color is called "rose", they're made of leather, and I believe the style name is "Oz". They are 3 1/2" high. I'm up a little late working on a report, so I decided to take a break and put the shoes together with an outfit. I'm wearing them with my blue Juicy Couture dress and my havane swift Birkin (it's not on the floor!:lecture: It's on a rug:noworry:)!
    shoes 009.jpg