Another Strange One

  1. The Kooba Carly. This is not quite as weird as the Nun Hat bag but I think this one looks like one of those fake attachable beirds..

  2. Not my taste again. It almost looks like a bib you'd throw over your head when you go out and eat ribs or something!
  3. It is certainly not a "wow" bag, nor would it be my favorite, but I don't think it is ugly. Just ok.
  4. It's okay. It looks like a halter evening dress.
  5. Mmm... that bag makes me hungry for BBQ ribs and crab legs. LOL
  6. Beard, bib or halter neck, take your pick, LOL

    It's ridiculous..come on, Kooba, give us a break...
  7. Just plain strange looking, though the leather looks nice and smooth.
  8. The leather looks fabulous but the style is not very appealing at all.