another stolen listing on eBay???

  1. There's too much evil in this world:mad: :sad:
  2. That's one of those 10 feedback listings from China--there were a zillion of them the other day.
  3. Yeah- those guys from China stole my listing and pictures too on a LV bag! Ebay pulled it! It's out of control!
  4. OMG .... it's unbelievable :mad::mad::mad: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope that nobody make a bad mistake with :sad:
  5. That is horrble.
  6. I just got this note from ebay- I reported my listing being stolen and here's what they say:

    Thank you for writing back to eBay. We have received your email and
    apologise for the delay in our response to your enquiry. My name is
    Daphne and I will be happy to address your concerns regarding the Louis
    Vuitton handbag, item number 6887894281, that you have reported for
    violating our Image Text theft guidelines.

    We have reviewed the eBay member(s) you have brought to our attention
    and taken the appropriate action. It is important to bear in mind that
    not all actions we take are visible to the reporter or may not be
    visible immediately. However let me assure you that we fully investigate
    each report and take the necessary action.

    Breaches of eBay's policies can lead to consequences that range from
    issuing the seller an informational alert, ending the listing(s), moving
    the listing(s) to a more appropriate category, a temporary suspension,
    an indefinite suspension or terminating the membership.

    I understand that you want to know what action we may have taken on the
    seller's account. However, for reasons of privacy I cannot disclose any
    further information to you. This is for the protection of all eBay

    Again, I want to thank you for your report and keeping eBay a safe and
    fun place to trade.


    Daphne Maltravers
    eBay Community Watch Team
  7. i have had several of my items stolen. one of them actually used everything the same (same wording, same pictures). the pics were even watermarked with theITbag and they even commented that they were a member of the PF. of course, their prices were a fraction of retail. anyways, i reported them to ebay and had them remove the listing. i had one where one of the items was already sold and they used my pictures. reported that too. crazy world we live in.:blink:
  8. My auctions are getting stolen for my B-bags left and right. I must have reported over 10 auctions last week. Even if I watermark them, it still doesn't seem to stop these sellers. I have reported the same seller to ebay several times after stealing several auctions and they just pull the listing instead of suspending the seller! It's so frustrating. I even had someone that won one of the fraudulent auctions with my stolen pics then e-mail me thinking I was the one that took their money!! This is getting out of control. Glad others are noticing as well :smile:
  9. ^^^ OMG! They even accused you!!! That is CRAZY!
  10. Yes, accused me! Said they recognized my background, hence I was the one that took their money. I tried to explain the stolen picture, but the concept was just not clicking with the buyer. It must have been a poor newbie, not understanding that fraudulent sellers steal pics and then send fakes that the winner only paid a few hundred dollars for. This particular seller though seemed like they didn't send any merchandise at all! I really felt bad for the lady. Ebay needs to do something about this.
  11. yep - someone stole my photos and text a few weeks ago, i reported him and ebay pulled his listing, and the next week he was back with someone else's photos (and still my text) - not happy with how ebay is handling this :mad:
  12. Some people have no shame at all. I had pictures also stolen on another forum for shoes. They even deny that they were mine and was unable to post up another pic of that shoe to prove they had it.......makes me really kranky!
  13. i refuse to sell to newbies now. too much drama. hey, if they think they can get an authentic anything for dirt cheap, then they are in for a big surprise. picture or no picture, that is just common sense.

    makes me so mad, cuz my listings will be on for days and no one buys them, but others steal my pictures and list it for pennies and it gets bought immediately. why would anyone sell a bag worth thousands for a hundred or two????:noggin: