Another stolen auction for a lilac work -

  1. Sometimes I just hate ebay. AAA - I just reported it ;)
  2. wow, thanks so much gals, i just got home & reported it too :cursing:...another e-bay tipped me off to it & i'm soooooooooooo mad...i know i should just let it roll off my back, but this is the 2nd time it's happened to me in 1 month :sad:
  3. WTF? SO someone did BIN? What is the seller sending the bidder?
  4. i donno, but the winner has zero feedback, so i'm guessing they're part of the scam :yucky:
  5. did you see all her auctions? someone bought this "bag" and i emailed them the pics were stolen
  6. yeppers, she stole a whole bunch of people's b-bag auctions :hysteric:...honestly, i don't know how these people sleep at night?!?!
  7. i recognized another sellers pics and description on the fake sellers auctions and reported it.
    then i saw someone did the BIN on the auction and i emailed the buyer asap!! i reported all the fakes and emailed the fake seller too! :censor:
  8. Unbelievable. I honestly don't think I could ever purchase a bag on Ebay again. I got 2 fake Balenciagas almost 2 years ago. What's up with all of these *moda* names. It seems anything with Moda in it deals with fakes.
    Mine were from dellamoda and italianmoda aka LA.Seller2000 aka Mohammed Arafat. They all seem to be based in Los Angeles too. Weird. I wonder if it is a huge ring of sophisticated scam artists. :cursing: