another speedy thread .. french co vs new

  1. i THINK i've decided to get myself a speedy!

    the problem is .. should i get a french co speedy from ebay or a new one?

    i honestly prefer the french co speedy as i don't like the upside down LVs.

    the only thing is .. they tend not to be in too good a condition.

    qn is: if i get a french co .. would it still last me for years and years? considering it would be about 20+ years old already ..

    or should i just go for a new one?

    and should i go for the 25 or 30? i'm really petite so just afraid that the 30 would be too overwhelmingly big. but the 25 doesn't look right on me .. somehow looks like i'm carrying a lunch box ..

    or should i just forget the speedy and get something else instead?
    but i've always wanted a speedy! its a MUST for every LV collector right?

    decisions decisions. opinions please?
  2. Buy something else - everyone and their dogs have Speedy's..

    I do enjoy the bag, but it seems like some forget there are other LV bags out there!

    If you decide on a a 30 - while the 25 is nice, it looks a bit "funny" sometimes...I prefer the size of the 30, especially on smaller people.

    Also, buy new - by the time you are done reconditioning the bag you will be pretty close to a new one anyways.
  3. I LOVE the look of the vintage speedy but do see your point about lasting/condition issues. I'd say get a brand new one and also keep your eye out for a vintage one on eBay. You can always resell the newer one and get most of your $$$ back if you ever come across a vintage piece in great condition.:idea:
  4. Here are pics of the French Company Speedy 25 and 30 on a five-foot nothing frame (me!). Both are in mint condition! Please excuse the blurriness as I was trying hard to keep the camera still. I just bought a regular Mono 35 so I am thinking of selling the FC 25 as I don't use it much anymore. I'm pretty small and I still love the big bags!
    25pic2.jpg 30pic2.jpg
  5. Now, French Co. ones are mostly vintage and the new ones are easily to find at stores. The question is whether you mind to use a pre-owned one or not. Also, it's not easy to find them nowadays.