Another Speedy reveal ...............and my wonder SA

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  1. I know you saw one speedy u seen them all. Lol. I was also invited to the Mother's Day event. (My first LV event). Very fun. I have had the Siena mm now for a while (ok 2 months) and realized I was not using the strap. It is really my bad weather bag. So I decided to sell the Siena and repurchase my DE speedy 30. Totally in love and I am never getting rid of her!!! ️


    This is my wonderful SA. She truly is such a sweet person.


    Thanks for sharing with me.

    I am really trying to row over to Ban Island, but these currents are strong out here. Lol.
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  2. Lucky you and congratulations. Great bag!!
  3. Beautiful bag. 🦄
  4. Lovely!!! Congrats!!
  5. Beautiful purchase!!!
  6. Congrats! It really is a classic bag that is hard to not love!
  7. LOL. Congrats on your Speedy.
  8. Lovely! And sounds like you will love and get plenty of use out of her.
    Ban island rejected me so I'm rowing back to "spending" island.:lol:
  9. Lovely choice and a lovely picture of you 2 :biggrin:
  10. Love the Speedy! That's a nice pic of you both, I'd hang it in my LV's section of the closet :biggrin: Congrats!!
  11. Pretty! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful bag!! Congratulations!!
  13. Congratulations! It is definitely an all weather bag. Enjoy in good health!
  14. Beautiful, congrats!
  15. Congrats!