Another Speedy Dilema.. Help me decide!

  1. Ok.. pics included so help me decide which looks better. Do I need both? Got my 1st ever LV a Speedy 25 in Feb.. Was in love... then Marketplace came along and bought a used 30... [speaking softly] I think I love my used 30 even more!!!

    Speedy 25 is asking me to reconsider...

    Should I keep both or sell both on Ebay and buy a new 30?
    I'm 5'0.. I really liked the 25 then the 30 came along and man.. I LUV BIG BAGS...

    BF is sick of me constantly looking at the mirror.. and is pleading for yall to help me out hahah... :yes: (Don't mind the dirty mirror... and the can!)

  2. For some a reason speedy 30 loooks much better on you. I guess the patina makes the bag more appealing to me.
  3. Definitely like the 30 better !
  4. I like the size of the speedy 30 on you!
  5. I like the 30! No point in having two identical bags when you clearly love one more ;)
  6. keep both!
  7. I like the 30, it looks great on you!
  8. I like the 30 on you!. For some reason it looks horrible on me and im 5'4. but you look great!! maybe its the saggy in it that makes it look great
  9. keep the 30 it looks soo soo much better on you!!
  10. I say keep the 30 - it does look better. I know some people have both - I had both for a very short time, and I really found having both was tedious. JMHO though :smile:
  11. You Look Fantastic With The 30!
  12. keep the 30

    and now i'm sold on the speedy 30. i tried the 25 in store and didn't like the look of it on me .. but i think the 30 would be better too .. now to go into the store to try it on
  13. :love::love: The 30 on you! You should sell both and get a brand new speedy 30!:biggrin::yes:
  14. Love the 30 on you!
  15. I would say keep the 30 for now, and later get the 25 in damier or in a future line.