Another song about LV????

  1. so i was surfing the net (like i do) looking for a new LV themed desktop. I came across this, i've heard of this person before but never this song!

    Warning its a little bit rude :p and the quality of the audio file is awful.

    The song made me smile a little though because its so funny. I did a quick search on the forum to see if it had allready been posted, and couldnt find anything. Maybe it was put up and taken down because its sooooooo weird!

  2. Haha! it really is funny! but the funnier thing is the song is now sticking in my head! woohoohoo...i got my Louis...woohoohooh...i got my louis...oh make it stop please!!!:whistle:
  3. sorry.
    I'm embarrassed LV is even mentioned in this.
  4. Lol.
  5. wow thats pretty bad:tdown:
  6. Wow, thats a man! wow... that's all I can say.
  7. BAD - could only watch the first 20 seconds
  8. Ooh yeah i think this was posted a little while back,
    J Stars make-up is flawless though!
  9. :whistle: "Got My Louie, Got my Louie, ..... Louis Vuitton" :whistle:
  10. Yikes, he is gross!
  11. I heard this song before, and I couldn't stomach it. This from a man who was once photographed with a fake MC pochette.

    Pete Burns did it better in the 80s and he never carried fake LV...
  12. :weird:...:hrmm:...:whistle: