Another smash and grab! :(

  1. My husband just called me, he's at our local shopping area w/ one of the twins having breakfast - just the 2 of them:love:

    Anyhow, Coach just opened a boutique and DH was walking by and noticed a LOT of activity. Apparently around 6am the windows were smashed and approx 50 handbags were stolen.:amazed:

    I'm not a big Coach fan, but this store is BEAUTIFUL and brand new, like 4 weeks old maybe.

    How scary and SO sad.
  2. wow! that is scary, I'm sure buy the end of the day all those bags will be sold on the streets some where. :cry:
  3. Jeeze... what is wrong with people these days?! People are absolutely ridiculous!!
  4. well now we know if brand new bags pop up on Ebay wehre they're from
  5. I hate it when people do that! When I worked at REI, we had a break-in, and someone stole over $10,000 worth of climbing gear. they obviously knew what they were doing, and had probably cased out the store for a while before breaking in. I just think, really bad karma! to steal climbing gear (it would suck to get their payback while hanging several thousand feet in the air and their rope snaps...) That kind of thing will always come back and bite you.
  6. why can't ppl just work like every other person, in a clean way? i guess, stealing is faster and riskier.. n that makes them oh so special.... hope they get caught.....
  7. Oh no! I hope they get caught. That's terrible!
  8. It must be more than one person, because it would be tough to make off with 50 Coach bags! And I guess this happened in the middle of the night? That is awful! And it explains why our Coach store (YES, we actually HAVE a Coach store here! That's ALL we have, but still...) has long narrow windows.
  9. no, it's was like 6am! Can you imagine!?
  10. What the! Oh my goodness. Any word on catching the culprits?
  11. I live in a relatively small town, it'll probably be listed in our "police reports" section of the local newpaper this weekend.
  12. unbelievable.
  13. Swanky,

    You must live in Southlake--I work at that Coach store. Came to work yesterday, and the store door window was broken out, and they stole a bunch of handbags from the store. How crappy of them--I hope the cops get whomever is responsible.

    Stop by the store sometime on the weekend--I'm usually there.

  14. Wow, all for Coach. That's crazy and so stupid.
  15. OMG! You work there!?!
    Oh what a BEAUTIFUL store that is!

    WE hafta meet! Yep, DH was cruising by w/ one of my boys and couldn't believe it!!!
    Do you live here too?