Another small reveal :P

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  1. Ok. So I went in again today and grabbed yet another Chanel. A small accessory which I'm really excited about!
  2. Anyone here?
  3. here :snack:
  4. 🏻 here
  5. Ok you guys ready?
  6. Yes
  7. Reissue wallet!
  8. And your gonna love this part!
  9. The turnlock actually works! 😮
  10. What a beauty! Wear it in good health
  11. love this wallet. reissue is my longtime favorite
  12. I really love the new lock 😍! It's my favorite part. They didn't have this in the other store yesterday and I'm so glad I waited and found this one today! I almost bought a boy wallet yesterday but didn't. 😁 Yay!
  13. YAY!!! like Chanel magic trick! congrats!
  14. Hehehe. A classic with a twist (pun intended)! 😆
  15. same wallet!! hehe but mine is in gold hardware tho. I really love it, congrats!!