Another Sloane or Large Venetta? Need advise pls

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  1. Hi all BV experts, I just got another Sloane in dark brown colour today, and now I am not sure am I made the right decision as I already got a Ferro Sloane. Should I go back to BV shop n change to a Large Venetta instead as is diffenent style? Need your advise. Thanks!
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    I like variety, so I think you should at least try on the large veneta and if it works for you, exchange the dark brown sloane for it.
  3. i would go for variety as well. try out the veneta at the store, see whether you like it.
  4. I would try the Veneta. I have the Sloane in Nero, love her! I got a Medium Veneta in Ebano for variety. I will do the same style in a differnt color if it is in a different season, kwim? Maybe another Sloane in a S/S color...

    Good luck with your decision!
  5. I bought a sloane last spring and just bought the Maxi, i would say try the Veneta....
  6. Variety! (says the woman who has more than one veneta....)
  7. ^^^ I agree, variety is the spice of life, so they say!
  8. Maybe a nice big brown Veneta, hmmm?
    (thanks Gorsuch for photo)
  9. Oh dear! Don't remind me of Gorsuch--I have to stay away from the Cucinelli sweaters they have on sale. Must stay away...
  10. I say go for a veneta too.
  11. CaliforniaGal, wow...the Veneta looks really really nice in the pic. Even looks better than in real. I think I will go back n exchange to the Large Veneta tomorrow. Thanks for all your advise :smile: