Another silly question from a newbie

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  1. I see women with the Speedy 30, and it is all saggy and doesn't hold its shape with stuff in it. Is that the way it is supposed to do, or is that a sign of a fake? I really like the Speedy 30, but when I see one all saggy, it really turns me off. What am I missing?
  2. There is a quick fix for this that many of us use around here. Just cut a piece of cardboard (shoe box lid?) and stick it in the bottom of the bag. Voila, no more sag. Works wonders. Some others around here use plexiglass, plastic, magazines - really many things would work.
  3. My best friend used a thick piece of cardboard and then made a suede cover for the cardboard and used that.
  4. Most Speedys sag unfortunately.
  5. Yeah, the sag sucks, but luckily it can be fixed :biggrin:
  6. Use a magazine or catalog at the bottom. It doesn't sag with that.
  7. I got mine for Christmas. (I didn't recognize it at first, because it was collapsed in the box!) Luckily, I got a couple of books as well, so I just weighed the bag down with those. Voila! No more saggy shape!
  8. Interestingly, the fakes are LESS likely to sag - the ones I've seen tend to be stiff and too structured.
  9. yes, i agree bagluver. fakes lv have thicker and stiffer shape.
    i love the way lv being shaggy.
  10. That is true for the most part. :yes:
  11. The bag's supposed to be saggy - that's the look. But some people hate that, so they put a magazine or cardboard on the bottom to make it more stiff looking. But imo, the stiffer the bag the faker it looks :/
  12. I put cardboard and use a Purseket in mine and it still sags just a little bit, which looks divine IMO!
  13. It seems the more junk I carry in mine, the less saggy it is??
  14. The Mono 30 and Damier 30 Speedys sag, the MC 30 sags partially but I've heard that the Epi Speedys doesn't sag at all. Is this true?
  15. are there (obvious) price difference between shopping at retailers such as NM or online stores like eLuxury, etc. vs. shopping at the LV store?