another shearling help pleasee ??

  1. i put this thread on the 'identify this lv' but i got no replies :shrugs:
    so i try to put the thread here, wishing to get some informations
    which shearling is this ??
    anybody own such bag ??
    i tried to search it everywhere but i only got this pics
    and all of them are side views
    it looks great !! :nuts:
    thanks.. and sorry for posting it here..
    00390m.jpg 00670m.jpg 00180m.jpg
  2. if i'm not mistaken, this particular model did not make it into production. actually, i know for certain the first one (black) did not.
  3. ^ Yep didn't make the cut quite a few of the bags you see on the runway never made it to the stores which was a shame because a lot of those where very hot!