Another SF LV Green Global cocktail party wrap up - pics inside too!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm still getting my feet wet posting here, but I had to share with you ladies my wrap up of the cocktail party benefiting Green Global USA.

    1. Michelle was right...people were getting all hot and bothered outside when they couldn't go in. Hilarious.

    2. The other tPFer had a great wrap up of the LE items for sale. Sadly, I didn't get to look that closely at them. If you want pics of the actual store go back to her post...she paid WAY more attention then I did. More on that on #3.

    3. There was free flowing Veuve Clicquot...those guys made sure our glass was never half empty! Needless to say some of the rarer items I wanted to inspect kind of passed over my radar. Now I have to go back to check it all out with no champagne in my system. :shame: The food was excellent as well...but I have to say there was WAY more champagne then there were hors d'oeuvres. (see pics below :wlae: )

    4. I wore: black cocktail dress by D&G with lace trim. LV Black Monogram shawl, LV Marelle Pouchette.

    5. I saw a lot less LV on the party goers then I expected. I saw SO MANY Hermes bags I about fell over. I NEED one of those now. :drool:

    6. There was "paparazzi" there. Random guy going around taking pictures for the society pages. Maybe my friend and I will make the news. heehee

    Here we are, modeling (pretending at least...please don't forget the exorbitant amounts of champagne we had consumed) a couple of W '06 coats. I'm on the right.



    It was a blast!
  2. Haha! Great poses. Glad you had a good time.
  3. Youre white coat is stunning. I love the sleeves and the tailored look.:flowers:
  4. Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a great time!
  5. Heee hee hee. I love the RTW in the background... :love:

    Awww... you look so cute! :P
  6. Great pics! Thanks for sharing and glad you had fun!:yes:
  7. thanks for sharing!!! you guys look great in the coats!! the whole event was a blur to me too...if I hadn't of taken pics, I wouldn't have remembered much either!!!:drool: :wtf:
  8. you guys look fab :yes:
  9. I am so glad you had such a great time!!

    Welcome to the forum!!
  10. Thanks for sharing, it looks like you had a good time! : )
  11. love the jackets! thanks for sharing.
  12. I just realized I wrote "Hi Ladies" .... sorry boys...I am hanging my head in shame. :crybaby:


  13. :nuts: Nice pics and thank you for sharing:biggrin:
  14. you look gorgeaus (even after a couple of drinks!! haha) sounds like you had a lot of fun!! thanks for sharing