Another Set Complete! The TEAL Lindsay

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  1. Okay is the Teal Lindsay I just finished after I posted the Gray Lindsay Set. I have a Teal Hampton Hobo on the way so I'm not sure if I will keep the Lindsay or the Hobo. When the Hobo gets here, I'll decide. But the accessories will stay with one bag or the other!

    Compared to the Gray Lindsay, this one has a punch of color! Believe it or not, this set I worked around the cashmere scarf. I got the scarf and loved it, so I had to make a set around it LOL!!!

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  2. :heart: I love love love that set! :smile: Perfect!
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    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    The teal Lindsay is just so so gorgeous. I so want one in teal but I can only have the espresso. The set so beautiful. Congrats to you.
  4. You crack me up!! I actually built an entire outfit around a pair of earrings!

    I love the scarf and everything you added with it. You have such classic taste and style.
  5. I like this set a LOT more!:tup:
  6. I, too, prefer the teal! You have a beautiful collection and I loooove the scarf!
  7. You should be working for Coach setting up their catalog pics. - much better to see the bags instead of an old lady with a boa -
    I really love the teal - teal is the new neutral these days - and it goes into Spring just fine.
  8. love love love this set!!!!!!! (prefer it to the grey for what it's worth, but both are really nice!) i really like the way you paired it with the beige.
  9. OMGosh I know! I'm fairly new to Coach... is she someone important? Or just a random person? lol
  10. oh, forgot to ask, the two teal clutches pictured, i am confused as to what style numbers each is. is one a wristlet and one a clutch? both so pretty. will you use both inside the lindsay or is the one too big??? thanks!
  11. TDF!
    And, yes.
    I love your set ups way better than the catalog where I have to search for a good glimpse of the item(s) on each page.
  12. Love the teal with the tan!!
  13. Beautiful set. I have the teal Lindsay...but not all the other goodies!
  14. Very nice set, as always.
  15. So pretty!! The teal color is just beautiful.