Another Set Complete..But not sure about this one!! Thoughts?

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  1. Okay ...just got the last piece to my gray Lindsay set. But I'm not sure if this one is a keeper!!! The Teal Lindsay is complete too but I don't have the pics yet.

    Here are a couple of pics from different angles. Please forgive the "Miny Pearl" thing goin' on with the tags in the way. But I don't want to cut any off until I'm 100% sure she is staying .....I think she is just a different and more "quite" look than my other sets..... I was lucky that all my gray accessories match the Lindsay pretty well. I know the gray accessories are varying quite a bit.

    Thoughts??? Is she a keeper or not???

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  2. I think this set is FABULOUS!!! I love it!!! I'd say "it's a keeper!!!"
  3. Love it! The op art goes great with the gray Lindsay. The black hat stands out a bit from the group though I think once it's separated from all the gray tones, it will accent them.
  4. Yeah that is what I'm thinking I'm seeing too. But once separated I think it will be okay. It's just that it is right on top of the gray in the pic I have not had her on to really judge it. The gray hat I have just does NOT work at all...the grays clash! But it won't be an issue in the summer ....only wear the hats in the winter .....:smile:)
  5. Lovely Collection! I would say shes a keeper for sure!!
  6. I LOVE the matching set!!!
  7. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I am usually not an op art fan but I guess when matched together with the correct pieces it looks fantastic. Congrats, can't wait to see the teal!
  8. Based on what you have put together before, I'm not feeling this set as much as the ones you have had before. Can't put my finger on it why, its just my thoughts.:confused1:
  9. Very nice I love it!
  10. Well I'm jealous. I say a keeper for sure.
  11. I think it looks fantastic! I love the op art scarf with the set--that really makes it for me. I say keep it all!
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    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    YUP feelings too Bunny...That is why I said ...I'm not sure about this one. Can't put my finger on it....I think the gray is just harder to work with..... This set is much more suttle. My other sets shout color... Maybe I have to go back to the drawing board on this one and dig through my scarf collection.

    But I do have to say I like the op art with the gray as others have said....Thanks everyone!

    Maybe I just need to throw some orange/yellow or gold in there somehow ....??? I do have an idea, just don't have the right scarf to add. I'll work on it a bit.
  13. I ALWAYS love your set's and drool everytime you do a new reveal! I love Lindsay so I may be biased!!! I think it looks great, I agree with OP that it's less "colorfull." Maybe you could take the orange up a notch and see what happens! I'll be posting some modeling pic's once the battery for my digi charges! I'll post a couple with hat's...just for YOU!!!

    I don't know how you feel about FOB's but isn't there a Koi fish FOB that's orange...maybe that would graw it in a little more! I'd love to see it done with blacks, grays,whites and purple...but you've already done a mostly purple set! Hmmmmm

    Watch for my modeling pic's with some hat's! I'm JUST recently starting my hat collection and plan on adding a Coach Keri or Kristin hat ASAP!!!

    Don't give up on the petrol Lindsay quite yet..I've got her in teal too and she's a KEEPER!!! Wish I had the choice of petrol!!!
  14. Thanks ....AND Oh can't wait to see your hats!!! I have the teal Lindsay set and she went together really nice with gold and teal accessories. But I'm waiting for a Teal Hampton Hobo to arrive before I decide what set to keep. I really don't want 2 Lindsays but the complete set in teal is so pretty .....I'll post the teal Lindsay set tomorrow.

    You are right ...need to take the orange up a notch ...I love fobs...but I would also like to find an orange ponytail and twist it with the op art and see what happens....
  15. I think the set looks fantastic! I really like the op art with the gray of the Lindsay bags. Very pretty. :tup: