Another seller's nightmare: Buyer accused me of selling fake shoes! Advice needed!

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  1. Hi all!
    I am often on eBay forum reading other seller's nightmares, but did not expect to get into one myself.
    I sold a pair of Gucci sneakers on eBay to an Australian buyer, she got them and said she will get them authenticated, I replied that I had no problem with that. I bought the shoes myself from an outlet, so I am absolutely sure they are authentic. Today I got a message from buyer saying that caroldiva deemed them as NOT authentic and she wants her money back or filing an eBay claim if I want it more fromal.
    I always offer buyers 7 day money back return policy, but not on the ground that I sold a fake! I will not stop at any cost to prove that I do not sell fakes and these shoes are absolutely authentic. I even found the original receipt with my credit card slip attached.
    I wrote an e-mail to Caroldiva to see if she had actually authenticated them and am waiting for her reply.
    Sorry for a long rant, but the last thing I want is to receive a negative for selling fakes.
    Any advice is welcome! Thank you in advance!
  2. I'm not a fan of authenticators that don't work for the company in question, but see what CD says. Then provide the receipt and see if there is any change.
  3. Thank you, Echoes! I know that Carol is an LV authenticator, that is why I am surprised that she deemed Gucci shoes fake. Anyway, I am waiting for her response.
  4. I've heard of CD being wrong on authentications of shoes and certain handbag brands. I wouldn't trust her word as golden on everything, it's a shame your buyer has. I hope she gets back to you and lets you know if she did this authentication or not, did the buyer forward to you the email or letter she claims to have from Carol Diva?. Have you mentioned to the buyer that you have the receipt as proof?

  5. One problem with receipts.

    You may have a receipt and an item, but how can anyone be certain that the receipt wasn't for another, identical item?
  6. No, Linda, she did not forward me any e-mail from Carol, though I asked her for one. I did not mention I have a receipt in the listing, but did in the last message to the buyer, but did not hear from her since.
  7. There is a serial number engraved inside the shoes, a sticker with the same serial number and barcode on the sole of the shoe and the same serial number in the receipt.
  8. ^^^ OH yeah!!!! :dothewave:

    Since she knows about CarolDiva, maybe she is a pf'er???? *and trying to intimidate?
    I had never heard of Carol until I joined pf...... She might not know you are a member?
    Just a thought.
  9. I don't know if she is a member here, but I advised her to take them to Gucci store or authenticate them here, instead of relying only on Carol.
  10. That's a good idea!
  11. Then you should be good to go. Do you have a scanner? Could you scan the receipt and email a copy to the buyer?
  12. Something sounds wrong to me. Firstly, lets not put caroldiva down until we know for sure that she DID get the shes *wrongly* authenticated by her. Second, I remember after my thread and all the aussie girls, most (except maybe the longer standing ones) did not even hear about caroldiva. Sounds fishy to me....
  13. ITA...ANYONE can say they had so and so authenticate...that means nothing to me until I see proof.Wait until you hear from Carol to take the next step.Good luck!!

  14. :yes:

    It's common knowledge, around here, that Carol really knows her LV, but that's about it, quite frankly.

    I wouldn't expect a buyer to know that, though - Carol agrees to authenticate practically anything, after all, so how are they supposed to know she's only an expert in LV?

    Most people are probably unaware that it's simply impossible to be an expert in all designer brands. :shrugs:
  15. Quite frankly, the best person for GUCCI AUTH is always As the seller, I would contact castira and ask them if they AUTH shoes. She specializes in Gucci. You might advise your buyer as to same.