Another Scarf Question...

  1. Hi everybody...
    Its another scarf question... :shame:
    would this scarves look good on a mono?
    are they too large for a speedy 25 or a BH?
    or is the print too busy?
    which color is better?
    size is 35"x35"
    clueless...:shame: thanks!!!:flowers:

  2. I think they are fun, I prefer the one with the red a bit more. I think it may be a tad big on a Speedy 25 (but then it depends on how you tie it) but I think it would ROCK on a BH.
  3. Yea, I think that it will be quite large too but you can always fold it smaller. I prefer more subtle color scheme, so I like the first one. But if you prefer brighter colors, go for the second! ;)
  4. I think it might be a little bulky for a speedy. They both are beautiful, though. Where do you get those?
  5. Thanks! and they are Oscar de la Renta available at
  6. Sarsi--I tried scarves this size on similar bags to speedy and it's too long and too bulky. You shoud consider the bandana and/or bandeau sized LV scarves and or the Hermes pocket scarves--they are better suited IMO.
    Good luck! Oh, the color schemes of both scarves are gorgeous, but I don't think you'll be happy with the size.....
  7. I am actually looking for scarves for less that $50
    and found some on and smart bargains.
    but just dont know what will look good on a Mono.
    I've been searching for pics here
    and all the bags with the scarves look so nice...
    but I cant seem to find one for myself.
    aside from this ones that I found... I am open to suggestions:yes:
  8. thanks for the help!
    I already checked the Hermes pocket scarves and love them to bits!!!
    but not in my budget at the moment...:shame: so I'm looking for bargains and sales...
    its so hard to find smaller sized ones...
  9. OK. Can't blame you. The accessories really add up to lots of $$$!
    I would just try to find ones that are more 20" by 20" (bandana sized) and not quite so big as the ones shown above. Good luck!
  10. I've found a lot of pretty pocket squares at antique shops. :flowers:
  11. Sooo wish I could go hunting for good stuff...
    but I can only shop online at the moment... stay at home mom,
    and shopping with the kids... or even with DH is just tooo stressful!:P
  12. Hi Sarsi, the red looks better but the size is too big for your Speedy. Better for wearing on the person than on the bag. Go for a smaller size scarf :smile:
  13. Thanks ladies!!!
    I'm off hunting through the net again!!!!
    hope I find a good one...
    will be asking for your opinions again
    when I get back with more goodies:P
  14. How about this ones from dolce and gabbana?
    only the pink and light blue are available.
  15. I found They even have some clearance ones for $3.00. Don't know anything about the website, I was just browsing.