another sarah wallet?

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  1. I just recently purchased a sarah wallet in mono canvas and saw the new vernis colors and was thinking about getting another wallet in the bleu nuit color. I was thinking i should just go with the sarah because I love that style but then I was wondering if I should go for another style like the zippy wallet. I don't have much LV but I love their wallets (the mono canvas sarah was my first buy). The bleu nuit is a stunning color... what should I do? Is it worth it to get the same wallet? Is it worth it to get another LV wallet, period? :shrugs:
  2. if you like the style of the zippy then get that. if not just get the sarah. the colour just came out so you will have time to think about it. if you like the sarah i wouldnt NOT get it because you already have one just switch every so often and you dont have to get used to a dif layout. i have 2 wallets (not LV) and when i use a zip around for a few months i feel like i cant get used to my other wallet again and when i switch it fells odd but then i get used to that style again lol. until i want to swap again hth
  3. I have 2 Sarah Wallets! 1 is a Vernis in Amarante and the other is a Vernis in Pomme! If you love the Sarah wallet, than get another one!
  4. I would get a zippy
  5. there is nothing wrong with getting the same style in different materials. I love the Sarah wallet...the zcp is great...but when you are comparing it to the Sarah....dear Sarah wins in my opinion. Go ahead and get your Vernis Sarah...shoot if I could collect all of the yummy vernis colors in the Sarah wallet...I sure would!!!!
  6. I agree!! If I could I would get the sarah wallet in every color in vernis, as well as mono, damier azur and ebene!!!
  7. would go for zippy wallet....I have one in suhali, its nice.
  8. You'll have to decide which style looks better in blue nuit vernis. If you can see them side by side, you might go based on the the "zing" factor.
  9. i would say get the zippy wallet as you already own a sarah.
    good luck!
  10. I would get another sarah. I say stick with what you like. What if you would end up not liking the zippy.
  11. If you love that style, stick with it.
  12. It would be nice to get the zippy so that you can have a smaller wallet option or if you are carrying a smaller bag you can throw it in and it will not take up as much space. I think it is nice to have one larger and one smaller option.
  13. i have 4 sarah, mono, damier, vernis violette and rose pop....

    i have one zippy in vernis framboise --- but i never use zippy anymore, i just love the sarah wallet style! it's easy to switch out too, since everything is in same place!! =)

    go for sarah! =D
  14. i would get tired of transferring everything from one wallet to another.... i would keep the first wallet, and buy, maybe, a key and change holder in bleu nuit? that way you have a wallet and a cute bag charm/however you want to use it. :]
  15. get the Sarah wallet in vernis , you wont regret.