Another sale bag at Saks - pic

  1. My SA sent me another pic of a sale bag. Not 100% sure about the price, but she thought it was $900 originally minus 30%. Call Delyse at 248-808-0712. Bag is held for April. Kind of a blurry pic, but I think it's from the sport line and can be worn messenger style.
    I can't load the pic! It just says "error on page". I'll try later. Sorry.
  2. April, thank you so much for keeping on offering us the deals, and I found you SA is such a wonderful one. I called Delyse last time when you told us about another sale bag and she is so sweet.
  3. Okay, I'm back to try again. It's a bad pic, sorry.
    I'm glad you liked Delyse, she's so sweet.
    12-20-07_1839[1] (2).jpg
  4. thank you for keeping us posted of great deals :tup:
  5. that's an incredible price!
  6. thank's for sharing
  7. Is this bag still available? has anyone else seen it anywhere?
  8. It is still available.