Another Saks sale bag - pic

  1. I hope no one minds these posts, I seem to be doing them a lot lately. Just trying to get my TPF buddies a good deal!
    Anyhow, this bag is being held by Delyse (248-808-0712) for April until tomorrow night. It's black distressed leather. I think it's an outdoor hobo? Was around $2400, now $1206!
    12-21-07_2203[1] (2).jpg
  2. thanks for the info. these post are greatly appreciated :smile:
  3. wow, incredible price!!
  4. wow - thats a great savings!
  5. that's a bargain! Thanks for sharing~~
  6. You are a gem...Thanks for the posting...I have a friend who was looking for the hobo...So hopefully she will secure it....Happy Holidays!!!
  7. Gone, I called delyse this morning, and it was gone :sad: already. :sad:
  8. How could any1 mind these posts? Thanks for posting :smile: