Another Saks nightmare

  1. Sorry for the rant - I tired to order black kidskin VP from Saks a month ago as some lovely members here said they still had a few pairs floating around. Anyhow, the order never arrived and I am sick of calling them to chase it up...I live in the UK.

    Now, I am interested in ordering the new python simples and they're also proving impossible - no pre-orders abroad :cursing:. I just find their service really deplorable considering I have ordered directly from the Louboutin boutique in New York and even Bergdorf Goodman.

    Does anyone know if new python simples on Saks will be available anywhere else? I NEED these shoes.
  2. Ahhh these are so gorgeous. I haven't seen the python corta simples IRL, but they look gorgeous in the pics! I think Cristina has the previous style of simples, but perhaps she can help you. :shrugs:
  3. Thanks priiin...can anyone help?
  4. Sorry dear, I am of no help since I live in France but what the python cortas is concerned I would call around the european stores since this is a new style they will probably get them as well.
  5. CL is getting stupidly difficult to get in the UK as the likes of Selfridges and Harrods have central buying through Kurt Geiger and they seem to have buyers who take zero risk on styles and choose a really tight collection.

    Mawsey, have you called the London CL store?
  6. I know mooks - it's getting ridiculous. Called the London store, didn't seem to have a clue. Suggested the o my sling but not really what I am after. BTW is there a platform version of the o my sling.
  7. Priin is right, I do have the roccia python Simples without the platform. I may be able to provide some help. PMing you now ;)