Another Saks Ecg Thursday & Double Points

  1. I got an e-mail from my shoe SA earlier today saying there would be an ECG on Thursday and also double points for Saks card members. I sent him an e-mail to confirm if he means tomorrow or next Thursday. He is in NY, so I won't know until tomorrow. I am hoping he means next Thursday so I can get the last two CL's before I go on a serious :banned: on shoes for a few months.
  2. OK, I found out it is going on through Sunday in celebration of the Super Bowl.
  3. I got a card in the mail with info about the double points but no ECG. Is it both?
  4. That's the word from my SA. Sounds like it might have been a last minute decision.
  5. I hope! Yeah is it tomorrow? or Next Thursday.... (EGC)
  6. Saks Website Said Double Points Start Jan 31.
  7. :yahoo:
  8. can anyone confirm if the ECG starts tomorrow or next week..sorry I have no idea when super bowl is so I don't know if it means tomorrow or next weekend:shame:
  9. what is an ECG?
  10. I don't think its another EGC - I think its double points only.
  11. OMG! can someone confirm about the ECG. I'm about to buy something real NICE from Saks lol.
  12. ooohh...i was so hoping for this! anyone know for sure about the ecg card?
  13. I was also told by my SA that there's EGC and DOUBLE points, this Thursday. She didn't tell me that it would go on until Sunday.

    Superbowl is this coming Sunday.
  14. I need a coupon for Off Saks, anyone know of any?

  15. You know i contacted the Live Chat on and asked her about the upcoming ECG event, the lady said No.:confused1: