Another Saks complaint

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  1. Saks, you need to get a clue. I had an item in my shopping cart that came in two colors. For some reason, on the main screen it showed as two different items and the dark color was shown as on sale, the lighter one was not. No matter, I wanted the dark one anyway. I put it in my cart. But if you went to the lighter one, it still showed both colors on that listing too. So when I went to checkout, it said my color was no longer available but when you go into the lighter one, it lists the dark one as being available. I called and they said they have no record of the dark one ever being on sale (I guess because all the available ones on that listing were gone). Well, obviously, that is wrong. I happen to know that it was also on sale a couple of months ago too because I know someone who bought it. They offered me a courtesy discount of 10% which I refused because it is just wrong on principle. Saks needs to get their act together.
  2. Ouch... that stings!

    Can you please send me your customer / order info so I can take a look?

  3. I don't have an order number. There was no order because when I went to check out, the item was removed from my cart.
  4. Can you pm me with the email address you logged on with and the date this occured?
  5. Allison, that's annoying. I hope you are able to find what you want, but honestly I wouldn't deal with Saks at this point!

    Russel, the majority of the problems posted have to do with getting conflicting and/or clearly wrong information from your CS reps. The posts are not personal, as obviously you are not 10 different people giving 10 different stories. But you have to understand that those of us who have a negative view of Saks have essentially been lied to. Lying is just not part of an acceptable level of service.

    Would you be willing to take a thread of suggestions for Saks?
  6. I want to make a correction here. It was MY mistake. I didn't realize that there were two dark colors in this top. One was a fall 09 release and the other was a spring 10 release. The fall one WAS on sale and they sold it out before I checked out, which isn't their fault. They offered to sell me the spring one at the sale price, which IMO, is going way above and beyond what is reasonable for them to do and I said no, because I felt it would be taking advantage of them. I will definately still continue to shop at Saks. Thanks, Russell!
  7. Glad you had a good experience, Allison!

    Nonetheless, many of us haven't, so my question stands.
  8. I am a consumer myself and it has happened to me, (not Saks) and I do understand and I am sorry. I have also sent a copy of this with a note to our customer service center V.P. and yes I would be willing and thank you.
  9. My pleasure and thank you too.