Another sad Kooba Bonnie owner...:(

  1. So I got my Bonnie from LNinos today, and I have to admit - I was pretty underwhelmed, even knowing how others felt before me! It's cute and I dig the red color, but it is small. I don't think I'm a big girl (5'4", 115 lbs) but I feel like the size of the bag against me makes me look big. Plus the reason I bought it in the first place is the bow, and you can't even see it when I have it over my shoulder before my arm totally covers it.

    Other Bonnie owners, will this purse eventually grow on me? This is my first Kooba. When I got my Anna Corinna mini city tote, I fell in love as soon as I pulled it out. My Kooba experience has now been so lackluster in comparison. :sad:

    If I decide to sell it, would it be bad to put it on eBay? I mean, I don't want LNinos thinking that I just bought a purse to resell. Thanks guys for your thoughts!

  2. Darlin'....that bag is stunning......just live with it for a few days. I really honestly and truly don't think it looks small. Maybe when you compare it to other bags in your collection, it is. But wear her for a while. The bag is absolutely beautiful on you and you model it well!
  3. Agree with Compass, that bag looks stunning on you, really suits jeans and a dark t-shirt:yes:
  4. I think it looks gorgeous on. It's really a nice size.
  5. See?
  6. It really doesn't look that small at all on you; it's a flattering size, both on the arm and on the shoulder. Is it a tight fit on your shoulder though? What is it that bothers you, the size or the fit?

    I think it's adorable, but I prefer smaller bags.
  7. IMO the bag looks like the perfect size for you. Its looks 'just right' and plus the colour is gorgeous!
    Give it a week and see how you feel but if you are really not 'feeling it' then maybe you should sell it....BUT I reckon it looks great on you! 100%!!
  8. I think it looks adorable on you, exactly because you're small. Add hot red shoes to that outfit and you're ready for a night on the town!!!
  9. wonderful mini city tote for daytime and cute bonnie for night!!!
  10. I would not sell that bag! It looks MAAAAVALOUS on you. The Red is so vibrant. A pair of red shoes and your set to go. It certainly doesn't make you look big.

    If you have to sell it, then so be it. I've sold bags I got from LNinos. Not to make a profit per se but to recoup my money. I just explain why I am selling it in my auction.
  11. :yes: :yes: I agree! :yes: :yes:
  12. Oh, you guys are too sweet. I'll hang on to it for a bit longer and see if I like it more. I tried putting some stuff in it, and I guess it does adequately carry my wallet, keys, and little trinkets. Thanks!
  13. Just wanted to tell you it looks fabulous on you and it's a nice size. Glad you're going to keep it for a little bit!
  14. That is a beautiful bag! You definitely don't want it to sit in the closet if it doesn't "grow on you", but it does look gorgeous....
  15. gorgeous