Another Sabrina Magazine Sighting! (Red!)

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  1. #1 Aug 6, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
    Sabrina is certainly making her way around fall fashion magazines. I recently posted here about Sabrina gracing the pages of Cosmo Beauty & Style in Black Patent (and stealing my heart).

    I flip through my just arrived September issue of Glamour just now and lo and behold there Sabrina is again, this time in red leather! (Maybe this is why Cranberry isn't making it to the full launch?)


    If I see any more fall Coach magazine appearances, you'll all be the first to know (since I have a subscription to pretty much ALL of them :P).
  2. Very very pretty bag :smile:
  3. I saw that yesterday too . Thats a great color!
  4. So this is definately RED and not just cranberry in bad lighting? I really hope red is coming out! So maybe red IS replacing cranberry.
  5. I was thinking the same thing about the lightning but I have the cranberry sabrina and there is no way the lightning could change it that much or maybe they touched it up! they can do all kinds of things to pics!
  6. Wow, that looks awesome in red. I hope they plan on doing the Zoe in red because thats the one I really want.
  7. I think red w/silver trim would be TDF! But whatever, I won't complain because I would LOVE a red Sabrina. When will the Sabrina be released? NOW I'm excited!
  8. This one definitely looks red, I don't think it has anything to do with the lighting.
  9. SO far they have one of the color choices as cherry (which im assuming is a deep red), so that might possibly be the color photographed in the magazine. I will check again what the rest of the colors are!
  10. The sabrina is set the be released in october.
  11. Oh! I can see this color being called Cherry. So let's see, so far we know about black leather, espresso (I think? I know it was a brown), this red (chrrry), black patent and green patent? Hmm, am I forgetting any?
  12. I called JAX a couple of days ago, and she didn't know anything about a red being released and didn't mention a 'cherry'. I HOPE this is 'cherry' or whatever they wish to call the color....just want a RED Sabrina. So excited for October? Meaning END of October right?
  13. So pretty!
  14. In the September CosmoGirl there was what looked like a Sabrina, although they called it a small something-or-another. It was blue and had what looked like silk as the body.
  15. It was a Coach? That sounds interested.