Another SA sold my bag!!!

  1. Oh, god, I want to cry!!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    My SA was holding for me a fucsia flap caviar with silver HW until she got the payment details... and when she actually went to the stock room to grab my bag she found out that another SA had sold my bag!

    There is no other pink bag left in Europe :hysteric: :hysteric: and this was my pre-increase last buy. So now thanks to a stupid SA I will have to wait until pink bags are released again and pay 200€ extra!
  2. That just happened to me too, it is so frustrating!!
  3. Oh!!! That is so frustrating!
  4. I know!!! Don't they just put aside the item while they're holding it for you? I was about to make the transfer to pay for it when she suddenly called to prevent me!
    Oh, gosh, I was already thinking about what outfit to wear next friday when it would be in my hands!
  5. That is so frustrating! IDK why that happens - I always see a section at the back for holds with people's names on it. That totally sucks :sad:
  6. I hate when that happens. Do they not see the names on the bags on hold? Or do they just want the sale?
  7. Because it is their mistake, is there anyway you can get them to let you pay for at the price before increase?? I will really fight for that... not only you have to wait, you have to pay more to wait? that doesn't make sense..
  8. omg... artemisa, that's just terrible !!!! I think you should request the SA to find you another one, because it was on hold for yOU !!!!!!
  9. So sorry.
  10. thats horrible, i am so sorry!!
  11. That's awful!
  12. *gasp* NO~~~ that's so not fari! I would contact the SA or store manager to demand they find one before the price increase, or they will have to give you some discount if you have to purchase after price increase. gosh, i am sooo sorry to hear this, but be firm about it!:crybaby: :crybaby:
  13. ^ I doubt they will give her a discount!! I dont think unfortuantly that they are obligated to compensate her for not holding the bag. This has happened with several people I know, esp when SAs are working on commission. Sometimes the holds arent stickered or noted and it goes to the next person.

    sorry for your loss hehe
  14. Wow I am really sorry! . . . How frustrating! This happened to me once . . . much later the bag turned up but some other SA had grabbed it although it was on hold for me. I agree talk to the floor manager . . . it can't hurt.
  15. I agree that you should really insist that they find you another bag, and charge you what it would have cost before the price increase.