Another rude SA!

  1. Ok, I was returning my luxe black flap to a Saks that does not sell Chanel. The total that was returned to my Saks charge was like 2336.00... So this older SA, looks at me (I'm 23 years) and than looks at the tags and says to me " did you buy this bag with YOUR Saks account or somebody else's?" I looked at her and said "mine" and then she asked me for my saks card and ID in order to process the refund! I have never had to give ID for a refund! This is the second time this woman has insulted me. I only go in there to return my items, and she's one of the reasons why I don't shop there.
  2. That's ridiculous...I can see why you only return there!!
  3. Question re: returning something somewhere that you didn't buy it.

    If your saks doesn't have chanel, is it impossible to return something, and then buy it again? (thinking about the egc event coming up...)
  4. I spoke to a SA who worked at a store that didn't sell Chanel. She said the choose to not resell them, because if they don't sell, they are stuck with my bag. But they might resell it after you return it, I'd speak to the manager before dealling with a dumb SA.
  5. ^ most locations wont sell it to you if you return a brand they dont carry and want to return to buy it back, esp on EGC day. i think they are alot more clever then that. Depends on the SA though, handbag dept..they almost always consult their manager esp with a brand they dont make sure they are accepting an authentic purse.
  6. Sorry about that but on the other hand those SAs do see a lot of dishonest people returning all kinds of stuff. My mother in-law used to work for the boutiques in Bloomies and she always had horror stories about customers....
    That SA could have been nicer, there's different ways of inquiring about your identity that are more polite.
    It's funny that lately I've been IDd too for returns from a few different stores.
  7. OOHHHHHH.........those are fighting words!!!!!
  8. Oh no what has been happening to these Chanel SAs....
  9. In the last week, Barneys, Balenciaga NY, and Nordstrom all treated me like I was inconvienencing them when I asked for a certain bag and color. I was in Barneys on a Saturday and she told me to come back on Monday when she wasn't so busy..:wtf: and she'd GIVE me the number to a few of their other stores. SERIOUSLY, I just wanted to ask the SA if her $6.50 an hour causes a lil jealousy towards her customers.

  10. I was told that they could not and have to send it back
  11. Sometimes I get aggravated when salesclerks as for ID but I try to remember that there are a lot of dishonest people out there and I need to be glad that they are taking an extra step to prevent bad stuff from happening. Unfortunately, she wasn't very nice in asking for the ID. Sorry about that.
  12. Another rude SA, :cursing:
  13. I think it was probably an honest misunderstanding. They have to cya. If they are accepting a return for an item that they don't stock, they are reluctant anyway. They aren't familiar with it, and don't always know the authenticity. That is one reason if I purchase something from a store, and my local store doesn't carry is expensive, but I just UPS it back to the originating store. I put in a note, asking that they call me when they process the return.