Another rude experience, it's becoming a daily thing.

  1. I feel like i'm always complaining about something lately but i got really mad today.

    I went to the doctors to get my depo shot. I've been off depo for about 3 months and decided that the pill was not for me. I went into the office today and signed in and gave the nurse my approval letter from the insurance company. This other older nurse behind her looked at me and was like "ure getting the shot again?" and i polietly said yea. She goes oh so ure just getting the shot today not seeing the doctor and i said no i need to see the doctor too. She gives me this annoyed look and says "ure getting the shot AND need to see the doctor? Do you have an appt???". I said yes...and then she starts to ramble about how the insurance company never gives them enough money to cover the expenses for the shot and they always lose money when I come in to get the shot from them. And basically makes a big fuss over i just got and sit down.

    Ok it my fault that the insurance company doesnt give them enough money? They really should be taking it up with the insurance company and not complaining to me about it. I was really annoyed today. The doctor and the other nurse didnt really seem to care about it...the doctor even said its up to me she doesnt care.

    It made me feel uncomfortable too...i even told the doctor basically i can use something else or watever, i mean i dont want them to lose money on me. She was really nice about it and said that they'll do whatever i need as long as its approved by the insurance.
  2. Wow, why does the nurse feel the need to say that!?! How rude! Is she also their accountant? You shouldn't let her mumbling about what things cost influence the type of birth control you use. I wouldn't feel bad about it, either. I'm sure they make up the difference in the amount the get for the appointment.
  3. She was rude!! I hate when people act like that...they act like insurance now a days is cheap!
  4. That was really rude. I understand that physicians have a lot of patients to see, but if I am ever rushed or the nurses are rude to me, I switch doctors. I don't know how complicated your insurance is, but if it's possible to switch it's SO worth it. What if you're really sick and you have to deal with people like that?
  5. Did you mention all of this to the doctor? That was incredibly rude and unprofessional of the nurse.
  6. very rude!
  7. I bet she's the type of person who freely gives medical advice to unsuspecting folks, just because she works in a medical office... I had some assistant "diagnosing" me during pregnancy, and when the doctor talked to me I realized what she did was totally unacceptable.
  8. I didnt really mention the nurse to the doctor, i just kind of asked about the shot and if it's a problem for them.

    I would really switch, but no other female doctors near me. The last doctor i had before this one was a male and i swear he looked like a pervert, no joke. He wanted me to do my annual pap smear and i immediately way.

    That nurse is always there...and she's old, so i dunno. Maybe she feels like she needs to tell me these things. I dont care that she tells me they lose money, its just that she did in such a rude way. She made it seem like its my fault or something. Which totally isnt! I think my insurance per month is like 400 something, and i dont see the doctor that much so i dont know what her problem is.
  9. Very rude!

    I have a list of things I say back to people like this to shut them down. This time I'd have said, "How unfortunate for you. Perhaps you should tell the insurance company about it."
  10. ^^^Or even better, "Maybe the Dr. will have to cut back on staff!":wtf:

    I know, I'm mean!:lol:

    Let it go this time, but if it comes up again, I would definitely tell the Dr. It's her staff and she needs to know the environment that is being created for HER clients. The nurse's behaviour is completely inappropriate.:tdown:
  11. ^ :roflmfao: OMG that is SO funny!!
  12. Some people that have been at their jobs for sooo long feel like its their own company/business. She shouldn't give a crap about insurance. She should just do whatever she's supposed to do and be quiet! We have a woman here that think she runs the place. She wouldn't even hand out a bandaid due to the cost and told someone to put tape on it. Like the funds are coming out of her pocket
  13. ^Good one!!!
  14. Oh for heaven's sake. No offense, but I bet your girlie parts look just like mine and everyone else's. They're probably not entincing and made of solid gold. Undoubtedly, this doctor sees a bazillion a day, and he's a PROFESSIONAL.

    What does a "pervert" look like, exactly? You act like recommending a pap smear is somehow offensive and inappropriate.

    You judge people on the way they LOOK? I hope nobody ever walks out of your office because you "look" a certain way to them.
  15. Ok, clearly that Nurse sucks at life...

    How is it your problem if they lose money? In the world of Business, your the consumer and a priceless commodity at that!!