Another ROSE PM Inclusion Bracelet!!!

  1. on eBay!

    item #:

    good luck ladies.:tup:
  2. Dangit I was hoping no one would notice, I bid on that not too long ago. :push: Lol.
  3. LOL. I know me too.

    i figure the ladies here see EVERRRRYTHINGGG! so might as well post it. But it seems like no one really wants to pay a lot anyway. (per previous discussions) so maybe it wont go for crazy a lot.

    but i figure that if i post maybe ppl will post if they see or hear about a beige gm or black gm theyll let me know
  4. Haha yeah. I was already outbid once so I had to rebid. Rawr.
  5. yeah i think im bidder 3 or something....sorry i m the one who bid it up to like...idk...but my highest bid was $255 i believe. I wasnt that crazy about trying to get it. I like the GM one with the LVs in it.
  6. Lol that was my bid, I'm 3 I think. No problem.
  7. its adorable - I hope you win it :smile:
  8. i must be 3 cause when i look at the bidders....theres only bidder 1 and bidder 2 then me. if ur not winning it must be bidder 1.

    lol. crazy eBay.
  9. well im not gonna be bidding anymore on it anyway.

    goodluck. Lvbabydoll i hope you win it. (and at a reasonable price)
  10. Haha I know I won't. Oh well but thanks!!
  11. lol. lvbabydoll. i was just going to pm you about that one!