Another RM Sample Sale this Sunday

  1. As many of you know, Rebecca Minkoff just had a sample sale in NY. I ordered a tote and sent an e-mail inquiring about the tracking number. To my surprise, Rebecca herself actually returned my e-mail. It really was her. I chatted with her about a story I had written on her a while back. Anyways, she told me there is another sample sale in LA on Sunday. I didn't ask for too many details as I can't make it. Just thought I'd share. I got my tote at half price.
  2. Do you know where the sample sale is being held? I would love to check it out.
  3. Do we know if she is taking phone orders again? I'd love another...
  4. i wish this was in NYC again! I want a MA mini..:love:
  5. Sorry to just get back on here. I didn't know where it was exactly or if they were taking orders.