Another ring reveal...actually an update from a previous thread :)

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  1. Update from this thread:

    this is my updated ring that came to fruition. i took my engagement ring and my eternity band and combined them together.

    however, the jeweler erred and made it a bit too small and it doesn't fit. gotta send it back but i am pleased with how it came out. i think he did a fabulous job. even the bottom is really cool how it criss crosses.


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  2. I don't think I've ever seen anything like your ring - very original, I really like it.
    Congratulations and hope you will have it re-sized and on your finger very soon!
  3. It's beautiful! And so original!!
  4. That is very beautiful, and well worth the reset. I am sorry about the sizing error and I hope they can remedy it soon so it can be on your finger where it belongs!
  5. Congrats! love the ring!!
  6. Love it!!!
  7. Yes a true classic for many years to come...
  8. Beautiful!!
  9. Gorgeous!!! Very classic and chic!
  10. What a beauty, I love it, congratulations
  11. Love the crossover styling!
  12. It's beautiful! I love split shank rings (my upgrade is one), and I love how this combines your wedding band!

  13. This is fabulous...looks exactly like what you envisioned. I don't you plan on also wearing a band? I love gaps, so I think a band would be stunning.
  14. amazing!! so unique and beautiful!

  15. thanks! i doubt i will actually wear a band with this. i really like it by itself and i think another band will just make it incredibly busy and way overkill on me bc i am petite.