Another reveal...

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  1. I was catching the tram today and as I was alighting, my Orsy Trick bear's arm got caught onto something and they fell off :crybaby:

    Anyway, as the tram stop was right in front of Prada, I took him for an emergency operation, so he'll be hospitalised for 6-8weeks...

    So as the nurses were checking him in... I visited the other areas... and I took home...

  2. Valentine's Day Bunny Girl Teddy Bear Keyring...

    Still in box


  3. She just looks perfect on my Saffiano+Tessuto Tote :smile:

  4. Sorry to hear about your bear getting hurt! Love your new addtion--totally cute!
  5. oh it's a bunny!! absolutely cute!!
  6. aww how cute!! The bunny/bear looks adorable on your bag!
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. Ooh, congrats!
  9. Oh cute story!!!! Sorry that happened but your new charm is cute!
  10. How much is the teddy bear charm? I couldn't find it at my Prada store .
  11. oh my.. its so cute...congrats
  12. wow, love your handbag with the little bunny, gorgeous I need one for myself!!!!
  13. Very cute! Great valentine addition and looks great on your tote (still haven't used mine yet!)
  14. Thanks everyone :smile: I hope you all love her as much as I do... she is now happily residing on my totes and waiting patiently for the Trick Bear to come home!

    binoculars I am so glad that I swapped the Frame bag to this tote... this bag is so light and fits literally everything! You should start using yours too... however, I have already had 2 scratches to the saffiano leather in my short 2 weeks use :sad:
  15. Just think of the scratches as little love bites :P at lease that's what I tell myself whenever I scratch mine! Will start using it int he next couple of days, you've convinced me!

    I'm still lusting after the Frame bag though (always the way!)