Another reveal! My first velo in G21! :)

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  1. image-3019007007.jpg
  2. image-3912840829.jpg
  3. Maybe Bleu Lavande? :thinking:
  4. image-218986117.jpg
  5. Wow, stunning!!!

    Strip more please...
  6. haha! here's another one:smile:

  7. Lookin' good so far!
  8. i love it A. !:smile:
  9. Very nice!
  10. presenting my very first velo in my favorite hardware! g21 Bleu Lavande! im in love with this combo! thanks so much to jojogonzales for this beautiful bag! leather is so amazing!!

  11. image-2216203854.jpg

    ok i was too excited i forgot to attach the picture! lol! here she is... Beautiful Bleu Lavande Rggh!:smile:
  12. GORGEOUS! I was eyeing this beauty BIG time (almost gave in-but I had already grabbed a few beauties from Jojo so I had to behave..) So glad it went to such a sweet person! Mod shots!!! :biggrin:
  13. the colour is GORG!!
  14. wow, what a lovely combo. congrats :biggrin:
  15. Thanks Susan! after this, i really need to behave too! lol! it feels like ive been panic buying lately! mod shots to follow! :smile: