~~~Another Reveal for Today! Had to Do IT!!!~~~

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  1. I posted what I received this afternoon then went to see my SA... EVIL! I could not say no to this lovely girl, first an instant reveal of a few goodies :biggrin:

    I wonder if anyone has a clue of what is hiding in the dust bag! :graucho:

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  2. Open Open!!!!!

  3. :couch: :popcorn:
  4. A few little Halloween treats before the special girl ;)

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  5. ooh another reveal! I'm ready!
  6. So excited to see what is in there!
  7. i was watching your other reveal in class..

    now im here again while doing my homework lol
  8. I wasn't to excited about her until I dressed her with some fab accessories! :love:
    Introducing my lovely Monogram Revelation Keepall, please be kind she is shy :biggrin:

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  9. Pretty!!!! Love how you've accessorised it.
  10. I love that bag!!! and it totally rocks with the key chain! Congrats!
  11. omg!! she's a beauty !!! :love:

    congratulations on all of your purchases today (:

    now, back to homework lol
  12. Another lot of wonderful purchases!
    congrats :biggrin:
  13. Lovely haul! Congrats!
  14. love the bag... congratulations. it rocks !!!
  15. Very nice - lots of great stuff!