Another reveal, and I'm totally blaming TDL for this purchase :P

  1. Wow--it's a head-turning stunner of a wallet! Enjoy, enjoy!
  2. CindyKay - I am so late to this reveal. I haven't been logging on since I'm swamped with work & biz travel.

    I hope you're enjoying the wallet thoroughly. My bag sends greetings from HK to your wallet. I was going to mention that you're wallet twins with newbags4me but I see she's already identified herself :graucho:

    Congrats on venturing into more BV colors on top of your already stunning collection of BV browns/beiges. I hereby declare us "Rust Resina triplets"!
  3. Thanks for checking in on this thread TDL ! :biggrin: I've only been using the wallet sparingly since I'm afraid of getting it dirty or scratched... so... as far as usage is concerned, I'm alternating between this and my other BV nappa snap closure continental wallet that I've owned for a number of years, and that I no longer feel the need to baby it... newbags4me did mention that she's used hers for several months and it still looks new, so I think I should bring mine out more often :cool:

    I'm taking baby steps in welcoming other colors into my otherwise, boring BV family. Hence the rust resina wallet :graucho: (can't help it... it was lonely, sitting on a display case calling my name, and I just couldn't resist... had to have it! heehee) I believe when the time comes, whether it is yet again, another classic color (:rolleyes: I know... I'm a big sucker for browns & beiges.. can you believe I don't have anything in nero yet!!) or any of the seasonal hues, whichever makes my heart sing, is the one I'll be most interested in pursuing...
  4. Thanks blueiris!!
  5. LOL! We have all been there. I do have a few things in Nero (nappa belt and karung doc case) but I don't have a bag. I tend to gravitate toward colors that fully show off the intrecciato pattern and the browns & seasonal colors seem to do a better job of that in my eyes.

    Oh and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having mostly browns & beiges. IMHO, BV makes the best shades of brown so to have that spectrum from espresso to dark chocolate to cool mocha to almond and light hazelnut is divine. Sorry for the food analogies... it's brunch time right now in Asia and I'm already thinking of what to eat :graucho: